High-Speed Internet Access in Multi-Dwelling Units

There is a growing adoption of bulk, high-speed internet by MDU communities to serve their residents. If you think about it, it's a no-brainer. The owner buys a single, "fat" pipe from an ISP and distributes it to all the residents living in the MDU.  The owner pays one monthly bill, and the residents pay the owner individually.  The cost for each unit's internet access can also be an amenity that attracts new tenants yet is paid for by the added price of the unit. The distribution can happen over optical fiber, copper cabling, plain-old-telephone wiring, or coax. 

High-Capacity Fixed Wireless/Point-To-Point (PTP)

Data Structures designs and builds carrier-class microwave links that provide high-capacity and low-latency communications

delivering 99.999% availability, and we back up this performance in writing. 

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Awesome WiFi in Older Multi-Dwelling Units & Hotels  Without Re-Wiring

Once considered slow technology, xDSL has come a long way. Deploying the latest VDSL2 technologies over existing plain-old-telephone wires can easily deliver speeds in excess of 300 Mbps to each unit. We can deliver that kind of performance without recabling! 

High-Capacity Fixed Wireless Point-To-Multipoint

With technologies like Facebook's Terragraph, Massive Mu-MiMo, and 60 GHz license-exempt, we  can deliver large-capacity, multi-Gigabit pipes to multiple locations, simultaneously and with self-healing physical network topologies.


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Structured Cabling

Data Structure's roots are in Structured Cabling. Since 1994, we have worked closely with our customers from the design process through final testing and turnup. 


When Data Structures is brought into a large construction project at the architectural stage, data network issues that inevitably arise during the construction process can be avoided through clear communication with all stakeholders, and proper planning of the agreed upon network topology.