Data Structures was founded in 1994 as a wired telecommunication systems integrator and has been designing and building wireless data networks for businesses, hotels, federal and local governments, and national parks since 1999.

People desire to flourish and empower their lives by combining the worlds of technology and nature. National Parks offer one of the finest opportunities to do that.  The missing link is the availability of technology in the parks.  Data Structures will provide that missing link. Because we can provide the solution, one can sit on a rock in Yosemite or on the shore of Acadia -- connected.  When one can do that, he is connected to his friends, colleagues, and family. He has the best of both worlds.
Our Mission Statement:
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Scott English, Founder

Scott English began his telecommunications career in 1980 working for Mountain Bell and then US West.  Prior to launching Data Structures, he was certified as an Academic Instructor by Cisco Systems teaching the Cisco Networking Academy Pilot Program in Colorado. He founded Data Structures in 1994 providing telecommunications infrastructure over copper, fiber, and wireless media.

He also did a 4-year stint working for an Australian-based technology company as Director of IT Infrastructure.

Mr. English's extensive knowledge and experience in designing, deploying, and troubleshooting wired and wireless telecommunication infrastructures affords him the ability to bring wisdom to very complex projects and to perform strategic problem-solving.