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WiFi in RV Parks

RV parks commonly do not have a fiber or copper infrastructure in place and new Cat5e or Cat6 cabling is usually cost-prohibitive.  However, it is not unusual to have telephone wiring to each site hookup, and Data Structures can use this existing copper wire to provide 100-400 Mbps of bandwidth to each RV site using new VDSL technology.

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WiFi for National Park Lodging and Employee Housing

WiFi in national parks not only improves the guest lodging experience but can keep guests staying longer.  Well planned WiFi is also a game changer for employees.

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Great WiFi in Older Multi-Dwelling Units & Hotels  Without Re-Wiring

Once considered slow technology, xDSL has come a long way. Deploying the latest VDSL2 technologies over existing plain-old-telephone wires can deliver speeds in excess of 300 Mbps to each unit. We can deliver that kind of performance without running any new wires!

Fixed Wireless Backhaul

Do you have good WiFi coverage but slow speeds connecting to the Internet?

A WiFi network is only as good as the Internet pipe supporting it.  Data Structures can backhaul bandwidth from the building across the way or from a city 150 miles away.  We have the expertise to move gobs of bandwidth wirelessly when placing fiber is not an option.

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